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Message Subject Is Putin A Better President Than Obama?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Is Putin A Better President Than Obama?

Posted by da Tagliare

I never thought I would ever say this, but I believe that President Vladimir Putin of Russia is a better leader than President Barack Obama.

Putin has proven where he was born. Obama has spent millions of dollars to hide his birth and college records.

Putin was a serious student. Obama admits to being a lazy student who smoked marijuana.

Putin holds a black belt in judo. Obama was photographed wincing while watching a judo event.

Putin keeps himself physically fit. Obama’s most strenuous activity is golf and lying to the American people.

Putin is a hunter and marksman. Obama wants to ban weapons from private ownership.

Putin is proud of his country and sings national anthem. Obama doesn’t sing the national anthem nor does he put hand over heart during singing of national anthem nor will he wear an American flag lapel pin.

Putin stood tall and looked China’s leader in the eyes. Obama bowed to Chinese leader.

Putin stood tall and looked Saudi Arabia King in the eyes. Obama bowed to Saudi King.

Putin stood tall and looked Japanese Emperor in the eyes. Obama bowed to Japanese Emperor.

Putin has been building up and strengthening the Russian military. Obama has been reducing the size, might and power of the US military.

Putin has maintained Russia’s nuclear weapons. Obama plans on reducing our nuclear weaponry to about a third of what it was when he took office.

Putin has taken a strong stance against illegal immigrants. Obama welcomes illegal immigrants and gives them more benefits than many US citizens have.

Putin has taken a strong stand against homosexuality. Obama not only endorses homosexuality, but offers them more rights that non-homosexuals.

Putin has just banned the adoption of Russian orphans by foreign gay couples. Obama believes that gay couples, domestic or foreign have the right to adopt and raise children.

The only thing they both have in common is that they are both socialists.

When you compare Putin with Obama, Putin appears to be more of what Americans want their leaders to be than what we have. I have no desire to move to Russia nor do I endorse Russian politics or government. I’m proud to be an American and I love America and would be willing to give my life for my country if need be. However, I am embarrassed and disappointed with our president.

[link to godfatherpolitics.com]
 Quoting: Stu

I think it's safe to say that ANY PRESIDENT from anywhere the world over the last 60 years was/is a better president than Obamo. He is simply the most traitorous, despicable... THING(!) that has ever walked the hallways of the whitehouse.

Putin doesn't claim to be anything other than what he is.

Merkel doesn't claim to be anything other than what she is.

Chinas president Xi doesn't claim to be anything other than what he is.

Hell, even fucking Mamood Ahmadinejad doesn't claim to be anything other than what he is.

Yet Obamo does all sorts of traitorous things under the cover of darkness when the sheep are asleep.

When I think about it, America is DONE, OVER! There is no returning to the straight and good path America was once on back in the 1800s. GAME OVER

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