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Obamacare Call Center Is A Joke - Here's What Happened

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United States
08/01/2013 04:18 PM
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Obamacare Call Center Is A Joke - Here's What Happened
I live in Texas and Gov. Rick Perry & company have decided not to be a part of the Obamacare program (along with many other states). I just found out that my insurance is going up from $400/month to $1380/month.

I have already researched as much as I can about my choices after October 1st going through the Marketplace Exchange, but it really is limited in it's information. So, I decided to call the new 800-318-2596 call center phone number to speak with a representative about Obamacare.

What a joke!

First, when this guy answered the phone, I thought I was calling India. This guy couldn't answer one single question I had, all he had was this script.

Finally, I told him I was going to hang up because he was not trained properly or qualified to be answering the questions people had when they called about Obamacare.