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A Perfect Alien Deception: Stan Romanek Alien Abduction Case

User ID: 19374655
08/03/2013 10:58 AM
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A Perfect Alien Deception: Stan Romanek Alien Abduction Case

This documentary is the perfect illustration of what is the Alien Deception. On the basis of years of research about the UFO phenomena under all its aspects: alien abduction, missing time, teleportation, materialization, dematerialization, visions, contactees, starseeds, animal mutilation, physical experiments, implants, healings, nightmares, possession, magnetism, hypnotic trance, channeling...., I can truly confirm you that the Stan Romanek Alien Abduction's Case contains almost all the panel of the tricks used by the so called aliens. The facts told in this story are true, but their interpretations by Stan Romanek and the Tercer Milenio team is up to me not accurate, that's why I've completed this documentary with videos and comments based on my own knowledge.

Stan Romanek has experienced all the panel of tricks used by the aliens, he has been abducted several times, he has experience missing times, teleportations, he've found implants in his body, he's had apparent wounds during his abductions, he has been also harassed at home day and night with things moving on their own, shadows, and even balls of lights and aliens (greys) caught on tape. The Aliens have even decided to use him as a channel of communication by calling 20 journalists for a channeling session, during which Romanek was possessed by a so called extraterrestrial who answered the questions of the journalists.

Alien abductions may be physical and non physical. Sometimes, the abductee just lives his abduction experience just in his mind (even if he thinks it's real and has physical prints of his abduction). In this case, the abductee, during his abduction experience, is like in a sleep. If you see a person in this state, you would just think he is sleeping. But abductions can also be physical, the abductees can be physically moved, and can have physical prints of their abdcutions. In general, the abductions are a mix of physical and non physical experiences, some events are real and some were just projected in their mind by the aliens/jinns.

We used to called them devils, demon spirits, ghosts, spirits of the deaths, fairies, poltergeists, shaytans, jinns, ...., but now with our technological advances and the exploration of space, they prefer to present themselves as extraterrestrials, in order to better deceive us. Their names change but they do not change, they remain the same malevolent and deceptive beings known as devils/jinns, the offspring of Satan/Iblis... yes Satan is real and is not a fairy tale, just like God is real.... and the best proof of that is the action of these so called extraterrestials and these UFOs apparitions. The devils adapt their lies to the time, to the culture of the people they are deceiving, to the religion of each one, they use the memories of the people in order to deceive them with what is most appropriate, they use any way to lead the people astray and to sell them their lies. All they want is to steal our soul, to make use disbelieve in God, to make us deny his law (Torah, Gospel and the Quran prevails), to get us believe that we are gods... this is the same old lie which is spread by Satan and his devils.

One other important point I want to discuss is about hypnotic trance. The people think that hypnotism is a scientific practice, that what a person tells during an hypnotic trance is really like a record of his memories.... This is absolutely not true! Hypnotism was considered as witchcraft not so long ago, it is sorcery. People involved in demon spirits/jinns worship used this practice to control other people, they did not do that by their own, but with the necessray help of the jinns/devils who work with them. Hypnotism is no more than the pure possession of a person by a jinn... it's just like possession or channeling, the jinn enters in the body of the person and uses it as a vehicle, as a medium, the jinns can induce any false thoughts, any false memories, can erase some memories, can project visions, can heal some diseases...

Most of the abductees tells their story through hypnotic seances, those who tell their story on hypnotic trance are even judged more credible than those who tells them consciously!!!.... while in reality, hypnotism is done not by the hypnotists, but by the jinns/aliens, which use these seances to comfort the people in their illusion, they just want them to tell exactly what they want, so they use hypnotism to transmit an accurate message and to comfort their version of what happened. They use the abductees as media of communication in order to push their new age alien deception agenda for the end times: the jinns/devils coming as extraterrestrials will produce a strong deception and illusion, many people will be possessed by them without even being aware of it (they would be told that they have a new consciousness and that they have new abilities), the people will then buy their lies: that we are gods, that there is no judgement day, no hell, no paradise....AND ABOVE ALL, no God, just a god consciousness, which means that God is everything, that we are god, my chair is god, the trees are god, everything is god... This will represent the biggest deception ever created by Satan and his devils.... the aliens/devils perfectly know that those who will buy their lies will be the losers, will be punished by God for their betrayal, for having forgotten that this life is a test and that we are accountable for our deeds and that God has sent to us prophets and revelations in order to guide us, but also to warn us about the consequences of our choices, ... Those who have forgotten this will be the great losers and will fail this terrestrial test, and it's exactly the challenge of Satan and his devils during this terretrial life. This is not a fairy tale, this is the naked and pure truth... you have to wake from your deep dream and illusion, wake up from your trance now, because soon the trance produced y the devils will be greater, and your chance will be reduced to see the truth again.

If you want salvation, submit to God ALONE your Creator and mine, obey his last book, the Quran, which contains the truth about everything and which has been protected by God, you dont need any church, mosques, imams, preists, any organized religions.... it's all between you and God, it's in your actions and faith, this is the true Religion, this is the true test, this is the true goal of this short terrestrial life.