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Subject E-mail from congressman re: Obama
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
August 2, 2013

Dear Friend,

Barack Obama was a fake from the beginning.

I remember clearly how we all felt there was something very fake about that "Hope and Change" claim in 2008. If we only elected this guy--we were told by Obama and his left-wing media buddies--things would be different. The "gridlock" in Washington would go away. We'd all talk together and find solutions. Oh, we'd disagree on some things, we were told, but we'd talk and find compromise where we could. There are "no red states or blue states. We'll all come together as one." Ummm...not so much.

Barack Obama won't budge from his far-left policies. And we are all paying the radical price: tens of millions out of work; a stagnant economy; loss of American pride and hope; and a massive increase in corruption and scandal that is choking the life out of our nation.

Now we have the NSA scandal, Benghazi, IRS targeting of Obama's political opponents. And he's ignoring the law by unconsitutionally delaying only part of his disastrous Obamacare. And let's be honest. All of this is about consolidating political power. It's not about doing what's right for the American people. And he surely doesn't care how it impacts the Constitution.

Oh. Wait a minute. What am I saying. The President says these are all just phony scandals. Well, he couldn't be more wrong.

I've talked with some of the leaders of groups targeted by the IRS when they sought non-profit status. Obama's administration looked into personal tax records. They held applications and sent dozens of questions they required before processing applications. The questions included requirements for personal information. They even asked about the content of prayers offered at organizational meetings.

Consider the NSA. Let's just say they haven't been at all honest about what they are doing. And the program as described in the media clearly violates our 4th Amendment rights against "unreasonable search and seizure" as well as the requirement that government have "probable cause" before seizing our records. Obama is totally ignoring this. It is a scandal!

And everyone was telling us as late as March--six months after the attack on the American Consulate in Benghazi, Libya--that we already knew everything we needed to know. That was just a lie. This became clear just this week when a CNN reporter interviewed one of the Benghazi attackers that the FBI said they couldn't locate. So much for due diligence.

This country is in a dangerous place right now. We have a President who ignores the law and seeks to impose his will on the rest of us. We need to pray for our nation. We need to continue the fight against ever-expanding government power. And we need to renew our commitment to expose the lies and corruption.

The corruption in Washington is way beyond anything you can imagine. I see it every day--the result of decades of a growing bureaucracy and special deals. They give power and money to their favorite corporations and special interests and take the money to do this from you. The greatest outrage in all of this is what I've repeated many times--seven of the wealthiest counties in the nation surround Washington, DC.

To take a stand against all this can seem a useless, wasted effort. You see, what makes "compromise" seem so attractive is the feeling that the arguing and disagreement have gone away. Opposing something is uncomfortable. Being the lone person disagreeing is--well, it's a lonely place. You lose friends. You are not in the "in crowd." You are ridiculed, called names, ignored. You're told, "if you would only compromise, we could get this done and everyone will be happy." Well, it's a lie. It's the lie that Barack Obama pushed so hard in 2008. And we are living the results of that lie to this day.

What's the truth? For Barack Obama and Democrats, "compromise" means going their way. And if you oppose them, you will be attacked, ridiculed--even targeted by government agencies like the IRS or (dare I say?) the NSA.

As always, thank you for your amazing support of me. There are just a few people up in DC willing to stand and fight. And I know personally how challenging it can be. I wouldn't be able to do it without your continued prayers and support.

Together, we can restore and reaffirm our liberty. I still have that hope. And I will continue to stand with you against these dangerous assaults on our freedom.

Yours in Liberty,

Tim Huelskamp

Member of Congress
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