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Message Subject The Mike Wallace Interview w/ Aldous Huxley
Poster Handle telling it straight
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This is interesting because nobody has these kinds of conversations in the media any more. Even the use of the word "propaganda" seems quaint. People today talk about nothing substantive. Nothing deep, no analysis of our country, or any kind of high level ideas. People today would find this show incredibly boring. Yet Huxley wrote some very prescient things (or were they) about eugenics and bioengineering that seem timely now. Is now the brave new world he wrote about? We're these things planned and blueprinted long ago?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 42875131

You're so right about how vapid our conversations are. We've become incapable of linear reasoning. Its all a kind of mosaic "logic" rooted in emotionalism. If I "feel" a certain thing is true, it must be true. I think we're regressing and Western civilization's rapidly heading toward the dark ages--all of which has been helped along by those that despise America and all she was.
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