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Message Subject The Mike Wallace Interview w/ Aldous Huxley
Poster Handle Simple_Man
Post Content
Very interesting interview, deep discussion and smoking on television.

On the other hand, with regards to over population, it has been said then the planet needs 7 billion humans to be alive on this planet for the second coming, all souls on the planet at once, perhaps this explains the somewhat vacant astral plane. The "Powers" have been doing all that is within their "power" to depopulate; wars and diseases....they failed.

So, here we are with 7 billion plus peeps...

 Quoting: Pyractomena borealis

I think You're right .....it's typed in the bible

2 million Israelites came out of eygpt and only 2 of that original group crossed out of the desert into the promise land .....Joshua and Caleb ...the rest died in the desert....so that's one in a million

the Bible also says that many are called but few are chosen

also the prophet Elijah said to God that he believed that he was the only person faithful to him and God told him that there were 7000 isrealites that hadn't bowed before Baal ....

understanding that the Christian church is spiritual Israel (children of Abraham ) ...if you take 7 billion people and use the one in a million you get 7000

I personally believe that when the bible talks about the "very elect" or the bride of Christ that's to be raptured ...we are looking at a very small group ...one in a million ...7000
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