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Hearing then seeing Baby Owl. Omen of sorts?

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 31555330
United States
08/05/2013 01:27 AM
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Hearing then seeing Baby Owl. Omen of sorts?
Around 8:30 my husband & I were talking on porch. I heard a strange sound like a muffled siren. Shrilled 3x times till hubby heard it too.

I figured it was a bird in distress and was curious so we went outside. Heard it 3x more times, sounded closer.

Hubby headed towards tree, looked up and sound stopped. Said he thought it may be a baby owl. I told him it had to be near that tree.

Hubby turned back to come towards me (about 5 feet away). Sudden last shrill and then the thing flew from above me from another tree and flew within a foot above hubby's head and landed on spot in tree we had gazed at.

We could then see the silhouette of this beautiful young creature outlined by the fading sky. I wanted to get a photo (dark, no flash) of the back of my husband's head gazing at this beautiful, tiny owl. It was a perfect lineup as I love taking photos of husband & nature.

I whispered that I was going to get cam, that I hoped it would wait but it probably wouldn't.

It didn't. He said Mama Owl screamed once from across street in neighbor's yard and the baby flew off.

****I read many owls are bad omens, but some say good? Anything about Baby Owls? Or did we just simply witness Beauty tonight?

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 44491244
08/05/2013 01:31 AM
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Re: Hearing then seeing Baby Owl. Omen of sorts?
Just beauty.

No more signs to be given.

Humans do not want to listen.

Soon many will be given shovels so that they may bury their heads just a little deeper.