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Fallen angels/watchers were human

Anonymous Coward
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United States
08/05/2013 02:22 PM
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Fallen angels/watchers were human
Bar Hebraeus' Chronography (11th Century):

...Therefore, according to what time hath brought I, having entered the Library of the city of MARAGHAH of 'ADHORBIJAN, have loaded up this my little book with narratives which are worthy of remembrance from many volumes of the SYRIANS, SARACENS (ARABS), and PERSIANS which are [preserved] here...

After ADAM [came] SETH his son. In the time of SETH, when his sons remembered the blessed life [which they had led] in PARADISE, they went up into the mountain of HERMON, and there they led a chaste and holy life, being remote from carnal intercourse (or, marriage); and for this reason they were called 'IRE (i.e. 'Watchers', and 'Sons of 'ALOHIM' (=Sons of God) ). Now SETH, being two hundred and five years old, begot 'ANOSH; and all the years that SETH lived was nine hundred and twelve years.

After SETH [came] 'ANOSH his son. He announced that he would call upon the Name of the Lord. Now, although he submitted to marriage, he was not neglectful in pleasing God, and he did so more than those who chose a life of virginity and who went up into [the mountain of HERMON] but who did not abide in (i.e. keep) their covenant. 'ANOSH was one hundred and ninety years old when he begot KAINAN, and all his years were nine hundred and five. After 'ANOSH [came] KAINAN his son, who at the age of one hundred and seventy years begot MAHLALA'IL; and all the years of his life were nine hundred and ten years.

And after MAHLALA'IL [came] YARD his son, who, when he was one hundred and sixty and two years old begot HANOKH (ENOCH); and all the years of his life were nine hundred and sixty and two years. And in the fortieth year [of the life] of YARD, that is to say in the year one thousand of the world, the Sons of God, about two hundred souls, came down from the mountain of HERMON, because they had lost all hope of a return to PARADISE. And because they lusted for carnal intercourse with women, their brethren the sons of SETH and ANOSH despised them, and regarded them as transgressors of the covenant, and they refused to give them their daughters. And because of this they (i.e. the men from HERMON) went to the children of CAIN, and took wives, and begat mighty men of names (NEPHILIM), that is to say, men notorious for murders and robberies. Moreover, they set up over them the first king, a man whose name was SAMYAZOS, and when they began to quarrel with their brethren the children of SETH, they forced them also to set up a king over them, and they set up a king.

[link to rbedrosian.com]
Frank Frankson

User ID: 24816411
United States
08/05/2013 02:23 PM
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Re: Fallen angels/watchers were human