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I'm thinking more on the lines of things revving up on the 11th,the 13th, then hitting hard on the 17th and into September. Combination of attacks and solar, with devastating earthquakes, and flooding.
Watch the fallout peeps.
Know how far you are from active and inactive nuke sites. Get off the coastlines, now!
Go to your highest points and dig IN.Don't go too far underground,or you will be crushed in the event of a massive earthquake.
If you see the flash, start counting. Don't look at the flash, it WILL blind you. From the time of the flash to the time you hear it, tells you how far it is from you.It will also tell you the origin of it.
The larger the blash the better chance it is of being a Russian,or Chinese. This gives you and estimate of how much time you have before the fallout.
If you look at the cloud(mushroom) a broken stem is probably air, a full stem is ground.
Know which way the wind is blowing,go at a 90 degree angle AWAY from the blast,and the wind.
If you have chosen to get out of the area,make sure you have enough time before the fallout to get where you have to go,be sure you have enough gas.
Stay off the highways.Be at least 250 miles from ground zero.
Get inside asap!Hopefully you already have your emergency supplies well established.
Put as much room between you and the outside to protect from gamma.Fill plastic tubs up and stack them around you and above you with plastic drop cloth if needed.Stack books around you if that's all you have.Take two tables, toss a door over them and crawl in that then stack around that.Every little bit helps.
Be prepared to bunker down at least 2 weeks,although after the first 48 hours you can come out long enough to grab something ,i.e sealed food,from inside your home,no more than 2 minutes time,then crawl back into your shelter.
If you had been outside at the time of the blast,you are exposed,so be sure to take a potassium iodide tablet,one a day for 14 days,children under 18 take half a one a day for 14 days.(IF you are allergic to xray dye or have a severe iodine allergy, do not take the tablets!)This protects your thyroid from the effects of the radiation.
When it hits, watch your neighbors, if you choose to ride this out at home.
When you do finally go back outside,be sure to cover up from head to toe,rubber boots,use plastic and duct tape if needed and a filtered mask at least.DO NOT go into your shelter with your contaminated clothes on.. leave them outside your shelter area. The water from in your hot water bottle will be safe to use.
There is much more to cover on this,but this is the basics.
Most important, fall on your knees to God, before it's too late. Good luck, stay safe, and God bless.

Feel free to add your own thoughts,ideas,knowledge and helpful input. Time to pull together like minded folks.Time is running out!
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^^they have medication for this you know..will make you feel much better...^^^
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