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The secret code-words of the Illuminati

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User ID: 44723101
08/06/2013 11:36 PM
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The secret code-words of the Illuminati
In what is as old as multiple interpretations for the same hieroglyph -- the interpretation1 of the adept, and interpretation2 of the initiate or common man -- the adepts of the Illuminati, which is technically called the Mystery School of Babylon, communicate using code words using the medium of myth, which all people see, but not all people, as most have not the codes, understand. The codes are universal, i.e., as prevalent in Tolkien myth as in Indian myth or Welsh or Norse myth...
Or American Indian myth, or Egyptian myth.

Now, finally revealed, are the meanings of these codes... please see here:
[link to dl.dropboxusercontent.com (secure)]

The universality of these codes must be appreciated. Now, finally, you can understand the cryptic language of films etc.

I've released a new book, which in being dedicated to acknowledging the unique skill of the syllogician elites is a romantic bid for world peace, which speaks of all this in detail... exposes Tolkien and the secrets of Egyptology! Find details at:

[link to www.djedefsauron.net]
Baron_Pampa (OP)

User ID: 44840459
08/09/2013 02:28 AM
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Re: The secret code-words of the Illuminati
So you know what "great flood" means, in reality. Or what "tree of knowledge" or "tree of life" means. Bibles are rife with these codes... but modern movies etc. are even more so. The metaphor of "sea", "dark", and "undead"/"zombie" (means non-syllogical person) etc.