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Message Subject Obama - Exec ORDER tells SCHOOLS to CUT DOWN on the DISCIPLINE of UNRULY BLACK STUDENTS!
Poster Handle galvanic
Post Content
Big black thug in the next apartment complex violently assaulted my skinny 15 year old - he got a bad concussion - has not been the same since - his mind hasn't worked right since that beating - they had to take him to the trauma center
 Quoting: Geo777

I don't know where you live, but your state may have a fund to help Victims of Violent Crime. Your son has a closed head brain injury, and needs to be seen by a neurologist and probably have cognitive therapy, perhaps speech therapy, as he recovers. His minimal brain injury (MBI) is a serious thing, but the brain has an amazing ability to recover, especially with proper treatment. It takes time and the first two years are when most recovery occurs - but some healing will continue up to 5 years. If you have your own health insurance, get him into a good neurologist right away for evaluation and treatment.
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