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Message Subject Obama - Exec ORDER tells SCHOOLS to CUT DOWN on the DISCIPLINE of UNRULY BLACK STUDENTS!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
That's right - according to this person's interpretation - bad behavior by the darker race is now government sanctioned??? WHAT?

[link to www.liveleak.com]

On July 26th Obama signed an executive order titled the “African American Education Initiative.” The order essentially gives a green light for black students to misbehave in public schools. In two places, Obama’s executive order calls on schools to reduce the number disciplinary actions taken against blacks students. The order specifically calls on schools too “not rely on methods that result in disparate use of disciplinary tools.”

To comply, public schools would have to engage in a racial quota system of discipline. The executive order will create a new Federal bureaucracy to pressure school systems to comply with the president’s demands. The executive order makes no mention of any effort to get black students to improve behavior.

 Quoting: Geo777

Aw Lawdy, ah ayam sho grapeful uh ah mean grateful fo' what Emporo Oehbama dun dun fo' po'ch munkeez lahk mahsalf.


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