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Message Subject Are you stupid or not paying attention? or both or neither
Poster Handle wiede
Post Content

How did the smart people discover the evil entity?
 Quoting: rexxturbo

Maybe said evil entity has a way he communicates directly with people.
 Quoting: wiede 44852252

Maybe? Thats all the explination that you could provide?
 Quoting: rexxturbo

So based on your logic, since the evil entity has not contacted certain people, they are stupid?
 Quoting: rexxturbo

I respectfully apologize, who is behind the eye in the all seeing eye? Is it really just a group of rich people who have nothing better to do than spy on us and make us go thru pain and suffering? Seems like if I was rich I would have a lot better things to do and I would guess the great majority of us would also.
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