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Subject The Illuminati and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I just watched this movie again recently and forgot about the illuminati reference. The way I read it was that the chainsaw family was controlled by the Illuminati and allowed to terrorize people. Once the illuminati members show up to the house they didnt like how the family was running things and wanted it to be a "religious experience".

I found this whole subplot quite disturbing and was wondering why the filmmakers chose to throw this illuminati reference in. Was it a wacky idea thrown in the script late one night after too many beers, or was it a hint of what actually goes on in the world. Anyone here know anything about the movie? One thing that is interesting is that 2 of the stars have gone on to very successful careers. Maybe the illuminatiw was behind this film and already had 2 of the actors careers in their hands? Any thoughts?
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