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Message Subject When Aliens attack / Shoot Down Voyaga
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
nice you dumb fucks:

[link to en.wikipedia.org]


15 DNA Structure Color diagram Size
16 DNA Structure magnified, light hit Color diagram Size
17 Cells and cell division Black and white image Size
18 Anatomy 1 (Skeleton front) Color diagram
19 Anatomy 2 (Internal organs front) Color diagram
20 Anatomy 3 (Skeleton and muscles back) Color diagram
21 Anatomy 4 (Internal organs back) Color diagram
22 Anatomy 5 (Ribcage) Color diagram
23 Anatomy 6 (Muscles front) Color diagram Size
24 Anatomy 7 (Heart, lungs, kidneys and main blood vessels back) Color diagram
25 Anatomy 8 (Heart, lungs, kidneys and main blood vessels front) Color diagram
26 Human sex organs Black and white diagram Size
27 Diagram of conception Black and white diagram Size, time
28 Conception Color image
29 Fertilized ovum Black and white image Time
30 Fetus diagram Black and white diagram Size, time
31 Fetus Color image
32 Diagram of male and female Black and white diagram Size, time
33 Birth Black and white image
34 Nursing mother Color image


They will know everything..how naive to think that there are only friendly aliens out there..I mean even if there is 1% chance that tehy are evil .. SHOOT DOWN THAT DAMN THING
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