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My earliest memory...alien.

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User ID: 12171876
United States
08/11/2013 03:04 PM
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My earliest memory...alien.
Hey guys,

One of my earliest memories was in pre-K. I was about 4 years old. I remember thinking I was an alien because I would blink and it seemed to me at the time that nobody else did the same. I was always isolated from the rest of my classmates. Does anyone have any similar experiences. Thinking they're not quite like other people at an early age?
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 45749746
Russian Federation
08/25/2013 07:55 PM
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Re: My earliest memory...alien.
I went to school with future leaders and politicians. I felt like an absolute misfit around them - may as well have been alien. We didn't even think on the same wavelength as far as I could tell.