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Message Subject I can't figure Aldous Huxley out. Was he an Illuminati disinformation agent or a speaker of the truth?
Poster Handle MCB
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Aldous Huxley was the greatest writer of the 20th century - but eventually he became a dupe.

Over time his mind deteriorated - this was greatly speeded up after his use of mescaline and LSD in the 50s...

If you don't believe this, check out his earlier books. Look at the complexity and texture of them... They were remarkable.

My interest was piqued by reading BNW, but I discovered this disappointing trend after reading dozens of earlier novels he wrote:

Compare his later works - much more simplistic. Brave New World was a shadow of what he had written earlier. Still better than most, but not as good as he was in his prime.

Like most Humanists he was eaten up with his own eloquence, and over time by his ego. That, and of course the drugs...

He was courted by the Vedantists and was used by them to foist off Eastern Thought on the West, particularly the US/Britain. The fatuous notion of self-godhood is irresistible for folk who fancy remaking the world.

That said, BNW is just a story, a morals play - nothing more. He was not sharing anyone's plan, just laying out what could happen if Humanism and its children communism/socialism/eugenics played themselves out.

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