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Message Subject I can't figure Aldous Huxley out. Was he an Illuminati disinformation agent or a speaker of the truth?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Just finished reading Brave New World again.

I believe that he is giving us insight into the goals, plans and agenda of the Luciferian Illuminati evil elite, but I can't figure out what his motivation for doing so was.

Yes, he was a wealthy member of an elite bloodline.

Yes, he was raised and educated in the elite system of Eton and Oxford.

Was he a rebel warning us or was he an Illuminati disinformation agent?

I really can't tell...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21743671

He and the othera such as orwell were illuminati members, the words they wrote were the truth and would revesl itself later and though some may regard their works as prophetic, they were merely doing the bidding of their organisation which is how they got to being published at all.

In plain sight, the illuminated ones do not sleep and have their footprints in the past present and future.
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