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Message Subject I can't figure Aldous Huxley out. Was he an Illuminati disinformation agent or a speaker of the truth?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Neither. He was simply planting the seed, so that the tree could sprout later.

TPTB don't actually have any power whatsoever, they operate by co-opting OUR power! By feeding us with their thoughts, they manage to get the human collective to manifest what THEY desire.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 300884

This pretty much is on point.
Masons build structures - but before the structure was built the blueprint was made before the blueprint it was conceived in the mind. It ALL comes from the mind first. Program the minds of the masses and they built/manifest what you programmed them to do. The battle is for your mind - they need it to program their reality. Once you take control and are responsible for your life - you become useless to them. If everyone woke up or became conscious of how reality works their game is over... The tricky part is they have built up a framework that blinds people to the truth - its hard for people to grasp/deprogram that we hold all the power.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 40423623

No, this isn't right. The NWO plan was well along by 1932. It had been designed and being implemented way before the turn of the century.

Huxley was just telling us what their plan was. Why? Because they HAVE to! Choice!

All about choice...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1595780

Your right it is about choice - you chose to believe those tall tales about the "illuminated ones" - do you understand how naive it sounds to say they have to tell us their plans? Like there is some universal natural law that they have to tell sheeple what's up because the laws of reality say so - come on ...
Once people get what reality is about they have a choice weather to use that power to help themselves and others around them or just to use it selfishly for themselves.
They are just a group of corrupt people that get it , their ancestors got "it" and kept passing down the info and keeping the wealth and knowledge to themselves.
They have developed a framework system that includes government, educational, social , medical and entertainment industries to keep people chasing the vapors and keeping their eyes off the real prize. Everyone is programmed to reject fringe/esoteric/metaphysical ideas so if someone outside of their crew figures it out they are looked upon as crazy.
You need to have a metaphysical experience where you manifest your conscious thought into reality and you will finally see how shit works - people can tell you all day long about manifestation but until you experience it you will never fully understand/believe it.

These people exist - but they ain't telling you their plans coz they have to. If they are telling their plans its only in jest coz they know most are so caught in the rat race they won't notice or care. Its not because they have to - its because they are so pompous and lack even the tiniest modicum of modesty.
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