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Message Subject I can't figure Aldous Huxley out. Was he an Illuminati disinformation agent or a speaker of the truth?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Who cares who works for who - they don't posses anything you can't archive yourself with some dedication and work - question is once you have it - will you use it for good? Stop blaming others - that is part of their game - hate will get you nowhere - take control of your life and teach others to do the same - stop worrying about dwarf suns, renegade planets, comets of super doom, fake satanic illuminati bullshit & start living your life - time to party !!! Focus on the good - these vibrational loops of blame are no good for anyone! If you become fully responsible for your destiny you have won ! But you need to want it - stop getting distracted by these traps!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 40423623

I do! It tells you who the writer is responsible to! Who did Huxley follow? The rich, powerful, ruling elite! He would never have written Brave New World without their approval.

And what was the reason for doing so? To tell us what is coming for us.

But still no one listens...
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