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Message Subject I can't figure Aldous Huxley out. Was he an Illuminati disinformation agent or a speaker of the truth?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I never said I didn't believe there is a group. Secondly its not that secret their symbolism is everywhere - shit is pretty in your face - all I'm saying is once you get to the level YOU need to be at - this group becomes moot. For once you can jump loop - none of this shit matters coz it can be changed at your will...
There are no rules among thieves - for that is exactly what they are ; stealing your zoney powers....
The secret is so simple and in front of you - that's the reason for their charade to keep you from not seeing it.
I have faith one day you will figure it out brotha...
Then you will realize fact and fiction are interchangeable if the belief is strong enough.
Don't give the darkness the credit of having honor in this battle - these silly illuminati tales are full of half truths to sidetrack you on your quest.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 40423623

To attempt to understand their agenda and their lies is not giving your power away. It is just part of understanding the reality around us.

Now, if we believe that these evil beings are all powerful and that they are better and more wise than us, then I would agree with you.

But simply trying to understand this duality around us and to understand the power structure in place is not giving your power away in my view. It is part of understanding who and what we really are.

I do not trust, follow or worship any group, guru, teacher. master or cult. I am not a child and I do not need a leader or a guide. I have all I need within me.

BUT, to understand the evil structure in place on Earth right now does not mean that I believe them to be my God or master.
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