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(VIDEO) Did Toronto MAYOR Blob Ford say HE HAS BLOW last night on the Danforth??

*Ozone Baby*
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08/11/2013 05:35 PM

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(VIDEO) Did Toronto MAYOR Blob Ford say HE HAS BLOW last night on the Danforth??

This weekend marks a staple celebration in Toronto, and the mayor of Canada's largest city was there. Rob Ford attended Taste of the Danforth; not as a proper ambassador, but rather as a patron intent to enjoy the festivities intoxicated.

YouTube users have been flooding the site with video evidence of their concerns, prolonging the mayor's woes with media inquiries into his suspected struggles with substance abuse. The Toronto Star as well as the Globe and Mail have addressed the recent spectacle, but what seems to be overlooked is a poignant entry that may indicate a reference to cocaine.

As Ford poses for pictures with festival goers on the street, he comes across a fellow who he repeatedly refers to as "brother". Amid the intoxicated slurs, the mayor appears to ask if someone in the group is looking for "blow" and confirms that he has some (although what he claims to possess is unproven). See this clip at 0:17:.....

[link to www.huffingtonpost.ca]

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