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Message Subject Does anyone Remember a Time when the Hollywood Music Industry Produced more Crap?
Poster Handle Janine69
Post Content
Autotune. U can take a fairly attractive face with a willingness to shock and assign them a "sound". I have gone above and beyond to teach my children the difference between art and the money making propaganda machine. Some of this stuff has a catchy beat and people call it music. There is very little if any individuality in todays media. Movies are included. Look at all of the cgi remakes. They are just out of ideas. And it is a business. Lets face it... It is easier to find some kid willing to sell his soul for fame with no desire in the creative process. As long as they get fame, money and sex. That is much easier than actually producing quality media.

Janine u r much too pretty and young looking to have experienced those bands haha. I mean i would not have guessed it by looking at ur pic but good for you! Those are memories that are becoming harder to come by. Glad you got the opportunity to see such classics. I have an extensive list of my own.
 Quoting: malfunkshun007

The last concert I attended was last October just 5 miles from my house. I saw Gary Wright and Al Stewart at the Silver Reef Casino. They are old yes but...they LOVE to perform! I got to meet them after. I saw Peter Gabriel a few years ago.
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