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Message Subject PERSEID METEOR STORM-Watch & Hear them here Rain or Shine-Post your Sightings and pics!
Poster Handle Hugh M Eye
Post Content
last night I drove and hour and a half north up to the mountains ( Mnt Pinos CA - 8000 feet elevation best place to see the stars in so CA ! ) ... took my 22 year old and 18 year old ... we were up all night and I think I saw at least 50 ! ... a few were so bright they lit up the entire night sky it was so awesome ! we were on our backs looking up on sleeping bags and just starred up into the wonder of it all! saw this large fireball that shook me to the core ! I have a little sleep deprivation right now from no sleep but wow was it worth it !
 Quoting: Apocalypse Girl

God bless you, Apocalypse Girl, your testimony is much appreciated and, I hope, an inspiration to others. Thanks for your post, friend.

 Quoting: Hugh M Eye

Thank you for posting this thread ...I encourage everyone to see it just once in an area that is very remote and away from the lights of the cities hf ... I know I was in awe last night !
 Quoting: Apocalypse Girl

I've seen many meteors and showers over the years, usually by happenstance or from my local vantage-point (wherever that was). One time only (early '90's) did I travel to the Pocono Mtns. for the express reason of watching the Perseids with friends. We had a nice barbeque and set up cameras and were blessed with beautiful clear, dark, moonless skies. It's a memory I still cherish.

I'm attempting with this thread to spread the appreciation of these natural wonders to others. I'm overwhelmed by the awesome interest, especially folks like yourself and Rock Star Mommy who exposed their children to this type of experience. Our young people are being sucked into a ' virtual vortex' of video games and a mentally unhealthy false reality. Kids need to go camping, stargazing, hiking, etc. with their peers and elders to sense and grab hold of their true place in the Cosmos. Say NO to TV, junk food, spectator sports and obesity. Life's too precious to ignore the reality in favor of a fake 'death culture' which is foisted upon the youth.
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