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Message Subject OMG ! Benjamin Davidson.. Founder of E3 LLC. is suspicious0bservers
Poster Handle rexxturbo
Post Content
Does that somehow make his reporting any less factual, even if true?I first have to consider the source & go from there. Dutch is a lowlife fear monger that is so jealous of SO's success that he can't see straight or think about much of anything else. Seriously, have you EVER seen anyone provide more links to their sources for the information used in a video than SO? Don't even get me started on that idiot partner in crime of Dutch's, tatoot. Those morans need to stop hating & do something productive.
 Quoting: Reinvigorated Being

I havnt watched enough of either of their videos to make a informed decision. I just thought this information should be out there.
 Quoting: rexxturbo

One question

Why has nothing come of dutch's plumes?

Did you forget already?

The man is an idiot preaching to idiots
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 44977603

Im not sure I understand your question?
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