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Message Subject USAF and Obama shutting down Space Fence Oct 1
Poster Handle war eagle
Post Content
Space Fence does seem to be a redundancy. Another larger and longer running program is called SSN. DARPA and NASA run their own programs as well, though SSN is a conglomeration of these and other sources.

It should be understood that this tracking is orbital path projection tracking, not missile defense tracking. That is handled by NORAD.

Of course any naval vessel can track overhead objects in low earth orbit.
 Quoting: Unixlike

Navy has limited stand alone tracking, relies on space fence, Norad relies on space fence. Space Fence is crucial to Insurance companies insuring satellites, loyds of london will shit in their pants. Insurance will cost more than payload, unless of course, Loyds already knows TSWHTF.
The fence is last line of defense for tracking incoming asteroids.
 Quoting: war eagle 41997809

Clearly a $14 million program doesn't represent our entire space tracking capability.

Space fence is about plugging orbital trajectories of satellites and debris into a big computer in Hawaii and predicting future events such as path and decay.

That is wholly separate from missile defense, which is a series of radar stations mostly in Canada.

Also, orbital tracking is entirely duplicated by NASA. DRPA is also involved.

I don't claim to know a lot about this. Your post got me to reading up on it, and what I just stated is a summary of about 2 pages worth of reading I just did. So take it for what it's worth.
 Quoting: Unixlike

Does, it is the cornerstone. How do you think they determine if an object is new or not? From the data from the fence. Hey you guys at the USAF let one slip past the censors. Don't worry only a few caught it. Implications are huge.
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