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Message Subject USAF and Obama shutting down Space Fence Oct 1
Poster Handle war eagle
Post Content
If they are shutting down the fence. You can bet they will shut down all programs that search for asteroids or incoming.Tthey just haven't announced it yet.

The space program is a joke. The Obama team is systematically destroying the space program. letting the Russians take the lead, and China to become next super power.

What does it mean shutting down the fence? When they don't move the TV satellite away from a collision with space junk, we will lose our precious TV.
Right before the big one.

Its not that we can defend ourselves from incoming, we can, but they, the Wall Street boys, have decided there is no value in saving the country. The wall street boys have shifted production overseas, and they will cash in on the insurance.

There is no value in saving the country from incoming, it would cost more than the GNP so they, wall street said no. They will save the top 1 per cent, of the worst scum on the planet, while they lean out the population. Of course they will suspend the constitution. They can't give the gold back to Germany because wall street needs it for their use in the new world to save their kids.
Germany asked for their Gold recently and Wall street said NO. Soon all these Wall street scum will be heading for fall vacations, to meet up with their supplies, and all the ammo the gov't bought up. Look for ammo at wall mart, almost none.
Price of food skyrockets and no one reports it, none.

Fence is down, gold is stored, ammo is bought, Oct 1st . NASA and the wall street scum says it would be too expensive to save us, so they saved their asses and their kids.
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