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[link to www.chicagotribune.com]
Or in other words...


Yep, here we go folks.

We all knew this day was coming and the signs and red flags have now become way too OBVIOUS to ignore as the typical types of alerts they "put out", so for those paying attention to these latest alerts and warnings, not to mention the uptick in Military exercises, CIVIL UNREST and NUCLEAR DRILLS being carried out all over the U.S., should clearly be able to SEE the CODED LANGUAGE they're giving between the LInES
[link to www.chicagotribune.com]

...just as they did right before the Boston Bombing which was warned about by GCM 3 days prior to that event:
[link to www.facebook.com (secure)]

[link to www.facebook.com (secure)]

The countdown I and many others have been warning about for years seems to have officially begun and
the release of Videos like this one:
[link to www.youtube.com]
are also NO COINCIDENCE that just happen to coincide with these "NEW" Warnings which might also be connected to COMET ISON as I've previously explained last month and will be further in a major new update I'll be posting shortly.

In any case, I strongly believe we all need to get this information & truth of their HIDDEN AGENDA out to AS MANY AS POSSIBLE since awareness & knowledge of this elevated alert is crucial if not the ONLY effective WEAPONS against the events they've been planing for a LONG TIME which have been and will be financed, cultivated & induced by this Global Elite CABAL that operates within and controls all levels of the US GOVERNMENT & MILITARY.

So EVERYONE needs to be fully aware of this threat MORESO NOW than ANY OTHER TIME IN OUR HISTORY IMO since we're entering a very critical period between August and November
I've recently discussed in my last video:
[link to www.youtube.com]
that correlates to MAJOR KEY ILLUMINATI DATES and "PROPHECIES" they're going to desperately try to CREATE or TRIGGER to help push thru the final stages of their NWO AGENDA via MARTIAL LAW that Imo, can only begin with a MAJOR TERRORIST ATTACK which DWARFS 9/11.

But it's also important to remember, that any events that occur, MAY NOT BE AS THEY SEEM as they ALL have been in the recent false flags we've witnessed. In other words, think PROJECT BLUE BEAM or HAARP/Tesla Tech also having a potential hand in the events which I'll be further addressing in a new update.

As disturbing, upsetting and even unfathomable as their "warnings" may be to most which have all been designed to create fear thru chaos, disinformation and lies, the fact is that whatever type of terrorist attacks might occur from the groups they've warned about like
"AL QUAEDA", it's extremely important to understand that
such "groups" are nothing more than a FACTION and CREATION of the US GOVERNMENT and MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX that really need to be LAUGHED AT for their already incredible incompetence and sloppiness.

So once again, let me make this perfectly clear....

All these warnings being put out by the Cabal's Mainstream Media Whores about Al-Quaeda, ARE
PURE B U L L S H * T and FEAR-PORN since after-all,
AL QUAEDA is nothing more than a hidden code name for al-CIAeda.

Make no mistake, they're part of the SAME GROUP that ORCHESTRATED 9/11, SANDY HOOK and the BOSTON BOMBING just to name a few.

The more who understand, have knowledge or are aware of these elements, the LESS IMPACT and FEAR their events will have or create, and can even ALTER/CHANGE the intended outcome!

DAHBOO77 is SPOT-ON with his latest video below and I fully endorse it.

This may be one of the most important, if not credible false-flag warning messages since 9/11 and a FINAL CALL for the PEOPLE to WAKE UP who've become complacent
as result of events like Sandy Hook & The Boston Bombing which have successfully desensitized the masses more than any time in our history as this past video articulates and gives some important perspective on...

As stated... if they can do what they did in Boston as the result of just 1 or 2 "terrorists" (who were of course connected to and handled/cultivated by the FBI), imagine what multiple coordinated attacks would do.
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