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Subject I think people miss the point of the Illuminati practicing Magick and Rituals
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
These guys are obviously not afraid of the consequences.

it's one thing to not believe it in, but to THEM, it's a religion. it's what they do. That's what climbing the ladder is all about

Are they insane? of course not. They just know something that is very well hidden, for good reason. because it works. that's why they're running shit, they got the magick racket cornered and no one else is using what's already there to help sculpt their world.

they know how to use Jupiter is they want to expand, and Mercury to send a Message. so it's easy for them to acquire billions when they just play the galaxy like Enoch experienced

i'd even say jesus learned to walk on water from john the baptist, through magick. no doubt.

that's the key to this world. once you understand the cycles, the planes, the alignments, the whole universe is ritualized science condensed to matter held together by a malleable clay.

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