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Message Subject Pattie Brassard is a DisInfo Shill! BEWARE!! Claims RhNehative blood is a mixture of Rhesus Monkey and Alien DNA!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Shes tellin the TRUTH.The confusion comes by way of you alls ignorance.Theres a difference between the reptilians and the Dragos.And all you bible thumpers its right in the Book of Genesis where it mentions the serpents.Theres a difference between the serpent people and the dragon people.Most on the planet have their blood in them either by ancestry or force.Dont you have webs between your fingers and toes?Dont you peel when your skin burns,or get ashy when you dont get enough water.Well that ash is another form of scales.I can go and on about many reptilian human defects.N

Now the rhesus monkey comes into play with the caucasian who is a hybrid coming from the extraction of the Hindu.If u look at the Hindu Albino they look just like your average Caucasian.The Resus monkey came into play with the Anunaaqi who crossbred with various ape species.The orangatang=scottish,The rehsus monkey and chimpanzee=Hindu,and then the Abstract of that was the Albino.According to the Bible pale skin originated with CANNAN,sON OF Ham.Plus recently scientist said that pale skin is something relativly new,a a mutation of the gene lacking melanin,making one appear sick and diseased.A hybrid lacking vigor and devoid of life.

So Pattie is all right and exact.
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