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Rome, Byzantium, USA... Why, what curse of infiltration befalls the Eagle ?

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08/15/2013 07:41 AM
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Rome, Byzantium, USA... Why, what curse of infiltration befalls the Eagle ?
The curse on Prometheus (the logicians) was that the Eagle will always accompany its endeavours, and cause problems -- why?

Rome, why did it collapse?
Why did Byzantium collapse?
And America is the inheritor of the banner of the eagle from those nations, and it sure doesn't seem fail-safe, with movies like "White House Down" now doing the rounds...

So, answer the first, all your answers will be known.
Why did Rome collapse?
Many answers have been given.
The lame answers: economic problem, barbarian invasion, etc.
Slightly better but not conclusive answer: fall of the senators and internal infiltration
best answer:
The answer, my friend, is that Rome is cognate to Ram, the figure from the Epic poem Ramayana.

In that sense, Rome's main power is Ram.

And Ram doesn't have an easy life. He's already endoged by the syllogicians, who have a knife to his throat.

Find the story of Ram and Sita*, revealed for the first time, in my book, pages 126 to 128... And then you'll know why Rome collapsed.
* (the female form of Set aka Satan)

Oh my book can be found here:

[link to www.djedefsauron.net]

Go ahead, before you do anything else, download my book for free. Better still, buy it, such books aren't easily written.

i offer the world's logicians (Prometheus) a means to save themselves from the curse of the Eagle by understanding it. And of course I've gone very far out of my way to help the syllogicians as well

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