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Will unholy trinity/capstone take its seat on Illumin. "Free" \m/ason Pyramid during tribulation?

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08/15/2013 11:53 AM
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Will unholy trinity/capstone take its seat on Illumin. "Free" \m/ason Pyramid during tribulation?
Will unholy trinity/capstone take its seat on Illumin. "Free" \m/ason Pyramid during tribulation?
Will Satan, the Beast from the abyss / spiritual entity / the eight king who was, now is not, but will come again, and a False Prophet take their seat of authority as the capstone on the Pyramid of the Illuminati 666 "Free" Mason underworld secret society satanic mafia during the tribulation when God grants them authority to rule for 3.5 years known as the Great tribulation?

Is this when the powerful delusion which God has placed before Satan's underworld Satanic mafia will come into full tuition and Satan will attempt to spiritually enslave all humanity into his unholy satanic mafia through a unholy baptism manifested through his "Secret Initiation" performed through transcendental meditation / altered states of consciousness, going down the rabbit hole, resulting in spiritual bondage / captivity into his sick sick sick Illuminati Revelation 13,10?

Is this the reason for the US armed forces policing the Middle East and the Illuminati false flag terrorist operations to deceive the public and initiate their secret agenda of spiritual and financial slavery?

Is this the Master plan of Pinky and the Brains 666 Illuminated ones into the deep teachings of Lucifer's attempt at a global dictatorship / domination?

Does or will the mark on the right hand signify servitude workers of the Devil and the Beasts kingdom, While the mark on the forehead slavery and obedience? I see God has been spiritually marking humanity through out the ages.

After Satan has deceived, seduced, and forced the masses into his underworld kingdom of evil / Satanic mafia, is this when the destroyer will attempt to reap the weeds for the fire through thermal Globular Nuclear war, or one of the other fabulous toys of the Devil and his evil slaves have produced?

If Satan wants a kingdom so bad he will destroy all humanity like his children have dome throughout history, Hitler, Stalin, Jim Jones, George Bush, to name a few, why is it Satan is locked into the abyss while his slave children get locked into other dungeons of damnation / eternal horror and pain after they reap what they sew?