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Message Subject POLICE told me to OPEN the DOOR, to LET you STEP inside then BLOW YOUR HEAD OFF!" *NEW VIDEO*** cops tell renters to shoot me -2.5M mansion
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
It's not stupid your so stupid you don't even get what's going on. You pay mortgages n slave for the system I pay with my signature. You see me at a 2 million dollar house n if you had any common sense you might say hmm I wonder how did he get there why do the cops want to kill him?

No jus it's a stupid thread? What have u done lately? Post cool threads about fluoride... Your not doing anything u think ur awake n ur nothing but keyboard warriors how about you go sit in jail 22x in 3 years trying to get this a4v info out to you people n you call it stupid? Wow

Do u know what Stockholm syndrome is? Because if you don't maybe look into it that's how your acting.

Don't worry ill be dead soon n u won't have to see my "stupid threads"
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