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Subject Strange day today. NWO, illuminati, nibiru ATLiens.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The weather has been strange today, a lot of clouds and no rain. I read that our magnetoshere is gonna fall and cause a pole shift. The Illuminati gathers in a room viewable by a bird, and aliens are still trying to bang us.Crazy stuff I read, most of it probably bullshit. I AM stoned and feeling happy. Good day, drank some liq and smoked some 'nic. Obama is apparently pissed of at Egypt. Also is this Egpyt thing like a sign of war? Like WW3? idk. I saw a UFO two days ago in the sky. The old silver thing in the sky, then it "Crysis cloaked" itself. I didnt see it cloak, but I knew it did. I also noticed freemasons around wherever I go to school. Weed.bonghitcrisco
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