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Message Subject An Absolutely Stunning, Must See List: 252 Well-Sourced Obama "Issues"
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Well sourced? The blog is written as if BO personally went out and stole your candy and kicked your puppy.

Keep blaming all our issues on one guy in DC instead of looking at your local and state officials or god forbid yourselves.

Obama didn't tell America to rack up their credit card debt and buy houses/cars they can't afford.

Obama didn't force you to eat twinkies until your diabetes kicked in.

He's been completely ineffective as a president but to insinuate he's the reason this country is in the gutter is naive.

The senate and congress effectively shut down as soon as he was elected to guarantee he'd only be a one term president.

Typical bipartisan politics are the cause for the majority of those 252 so called issues.
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