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Message Subject An Absolutely Stunning, Must See List: 1150 Well-Sourced Obama "Issues"
Poster Handle Squirrel Hill
Post Content
Ha ha!

The previous 4 "Anonymous Coward" posts were by me. Sorry about not being logged in when I made them - that was not my intent.
 Quoting: Squirrel Hill

Squirrel Hill Dan, Hope you'll keep the thread updated with new things you find to add to your list. Now that this is super-pinned, its going to be displayed for a while. Hope you will visit this board and keep it current. Thanks again.

Wonder how many you'll be up to by the time we get to the next presidential election. 252 now, who knows how high it'll go?
 Quoting: telling it straight

On another message board, someone talked about the possibility of eventually being able to have one of those calendars where you tear off the page every day, and each page would cite a different thing from my list.
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