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Subject Lucifer and illuminati = fathers of math, science, and who knows what else...?
Poster Handle Guardian
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I noticed this today while thinking about the illuminati and math. The pyramid is the equilateral triangle of which's angles are all equal to 60 - so there are 3 6's in the triangle. 3 6's = 666 = mark of the beast / devil.

Ben Franklin had proported illuminati ties and was the creator of electricity. A word for a quantum of electrical energy is ion. Ion sounds like Eye on - the eye of the devil in the symbol of the illuminati.

The metric system is divided in 6's - 6 often associated with the devil.

The time measuring system of modern clocks is divisible by 6's - 60 sec to a min and 60 min to an hour, etc.

One symbol and ideology associated with Lucifer / Satan is the serpent rounding on itself and biting its tail. A circle has 360 degrees. 360 with the three and six association connotating to 3 sixes which is his number.

There are so many more things out there that have potential secret symbols of satan and his people. For example the devil or a false god is often called "Baal" in the Old Testament. The words "Baal" and ball as in ball sports are strikingly similar. Ball is in a circular shape once again with 360 degrees, recalling the 3 6's connection.

It is possible that the devil controls and helps his people by putting ideas and thoughts into their heads. He may even be able to give them spiritual gifts of high intellect and athleticism just like God can for his people.

Lucifer is proportedly the bearer of light for the Freemasons and illuminati who teaches us how to make and do things. He also proportedly has high intellect and is probably very skilled with the earth because in Satanism they talk about the elements of the earth and inverted pentagram represents earthliness and carnality.
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