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Message Subject Jesus Christ = Lucifer = Great Architect = Father of the Illuminati?
Poster Handle Satan's Inner Circle
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I used to be a Christian who believed God and Jesus were perfect and then I started reading the Word - particularly proverbs where it says God made the wicked for their day of judgment. I started thinking God was imperfect and possibly started to hate him. He has been tormenting me ever since I was 17 doing messed up sh*t to me. He told me he was the devil. Here's some interesting stuff though. The Illuminati are sort of Christian - trying to be Christs and trying to be God. Lucifer = morning star = Jesus. Lucifer is known as the Great Architect by the masons. All things were made through Christ for his glory.

The illuminati sort of worship God, Jesus, and the devil. I still don't fully understand their beliefs.
 Quoting: Guardian 9794131

Yeah I'm here if you have any questions that need to be answered but that's basically it Jesus is Lucifer incarnate thus Belial the Angel of Lawlessness.
God is just a jealous punk ass kid with power and too much pride and love of destruction thus Lucifer is the real Lord God and the other God is a blasphemous dishonest asshole which is clearly proven straight from the beginning with Genesis who was the liar the Serpent Naggah or the so called God.
[link to www.gematrix.org]
Try this site out it's sort of interesting just don't be driven mad by the words.
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