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Message Subject Jesus Christ = Lucifer = Great Architect = Father of the Illuminati?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I used to be a Christian who believed God and Jesus were perfect and then I started reading the Word - particularly proverbs where it says God made the wicked for their day of judgment. I started thinking God was imperfect and possibly started to hate him. He has been tormenting me ever since I was 17 doing messed up sh*t to me. He told me he was the devil. Here's some interesting stuff though. The Illuminati are sort of Christian - trying to be Christs and trying to be God. Lucifer = morning star = Jesus. Lucifer is known as the Great Architect by the masons. All things were made through Christ for his glory.

The illuminati sort of worship God, Jesus, and the devil. I still don't fully understand their beliefs.
 Quoting: Guardian 9794131

Well there are two conclusions I draw with this sceneario A. you have no idea who and what God and Jesus are....or B. you are a liar who just enjoys to lie and bs for satan.

I know both Jesus and God and nothing you have said is even remotely accurate.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 40330845

me to it is important for people to say what they feel and not bottle it up
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