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resurecting thread from 2008...nsa...aliens...advanced tech...major events


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08/16/2013 11:01 PM

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resurecting thread from 2008...nsa...aliens...advanced tech...major events
Sarah: "Tell me about Fifteen. What's he like?"

Dr. Neruda: "Fifteen is a genius of unparalleled intelligence and knowledge. He's the leader of the Labyrinth Group and has been since its inception in 1963. He was only twenty-two years old when he joined the ACIO in 1956.

I think he was discovered early enough before he had a chance to establish a reputation in academic circles. He was a renegade genius who wanted to build computers that would be powerful enough to time travel. Can you imagine how a goal like that -- in the mid-1950s -- must have sounded to his professors?"Needless to say, he was not taken seriously, and was essentially told to get in line with academic protocols and perform serious research.

Fifteen came to the ACIO through an alliance it had with Bell Labs. Somehow Bell Labs heard about his genius and hired him, but he quickly out-paced their research agenda and wanted to apply his vision of time travel."

Sarah: "Why was he so interested in time travel?"

Dr. Neruda: "No one is absolutely sure. And his reasons may have changed over time. The accepted purpose was to develop Blank Slate Technology or BST. BST is a form of time travel that enables the re-write of history at what are called intervention points. Intervention points are the causal energy centers that create a major event like the break-up of the Soviet Union or the NASA space program. "

BST is the most advanced technology and clearly anyone who is in possession of BST, can defend themselves against any aggressor. It is, as Fifteen was fond of saying, the freedom key. Remember that the ACIO was the primary interface with extraterrestrial technologies and how to adapt them into mainstream society as well as military applications. We were exposed to ETs and knew of their agenda. Some of these ETs scared the hell out of the ACIO."Sarah: "Why?"Dr. Neruda: "There were agreements between our government -- specifically the NSA -- to cooperate with an ET species commonly called the Zetas in exchange for their cooperation to stay hidden and conduct their biological experiments under the cloak of secrecy. There was also a bungled technology transfer program, but that's another story -- However, not all the Zetas were operating within a unified agenda. There were certain groups of Zetas that looked upon humans in much the same way as we look upon laboratory animals.s (click to insert)
"Accept now that all you have seen from the day of your birth on the surface of the earth, to the present, are wonderful only because the finite mind of man is confused with fragments of evidence, that, from whatever direction we meet them, spring from an unreachable infinity."