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Message Subject Explanation why Egypt is in chaos and about to have a civil war!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Many have been trying to figure out what is all the fuss and all the uprisings are about in the Middle East. Some say it is a geo-political war for oil and other natural resource, for religion, power and control among other ideas which all are in fact true to some extent. But they are not the main reason behind all the up-risings.

Though many seem to think they understand, they really haven't got a clue. Everything you here in the MSM is base on half-truths and half-lies. MSM does not want anyone to know or understand the dynamics of the Middle East so they paint the whole region with the image of a predominately crazed Islamic lump of countries with citizen all being the same. What the MSM puts out is false and not at all an accurate picture of people in the Middle East; they are not all same. They are not all that image you see in the movies or on TV where your typical Arab/Muslim as a wicked, evil, crazed maniaic who is a terrorist hell bent on blowing up the world and converting everyone to Islam. There are many Christians there who choose to live their.

The Middle East has Muslim, Christian, Jews, Druze, Allwites, Bahis, Hindus, Buhdist, Sufis. Zorotarian (Freddie Mercury, Atheists and many more. For example, Lebanon has six different religions with 18 different sects in it. It is not all Muslims.

I will explain...

Everyone has there own theory or idea based on something they either read in the news, heard about on TV or heard in a conversation between a few se called experts.

Here it is...
1. Arab/Muslim counties and government are controlled by western Powers. Arab/Muslims have always been occupied by foreign power whether it was directly or indirectly, i.e. Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States, Jordan, are thought to be controlled by Western Powers, and to some extent this is true.

2. These Arab/Muslim governments are perceived by most of their citizens as puppets of Western Powers and are illegitimate. Most believe these Monarchies, Dynasties, Emirates, Autocracies, Dictatorships Governments were put their to serve their masters in the West.

Most Citizens of these Arab/Muslim counties want to see their governments out and a true democracy put in place based on justice, freedom and democracy. This is where things become a little confusing and where we have the cause for internal fighting. It is true that many citizens of Arab/Muslim nations want freedom and democracy but how that democracy is interpreted is a different matter.
* Justice ,Freedom and Democracy to a Muslims is not the same as justice, freedom and democracy to a non-Muslim.

Non-Muslims want to live according to their religious beliefs, and cultural traditions without Islamic Law being imposed on them. They want live a peaceful, honorable, dignified life with the opportunity to raise a family and give their children the opportunity to succeed in life along with being members of a society that is evolving or advancing with the rest of the world and humanity and not stuck in a time capsule based on beliefs, laws, and traditions from the Middle Ages or Medieval times.

* Justice ,Freedom and Democracy to a secular Muslim is not the same as justice freedom, and democracy to non-Muslim and a non-secular Muslim.

Like most Non-Muslims, secular Muslims are moderates and have similarly, deep rooted beliefs of Western Nations and Western societies. They do not want to continue living in a regressed anti modernization society based on beliefs, laws and tradition dating back to the Middle Ages or Medieval times. They want to have the freedom to chose how they live. They want the choice of how the worship, live, going to school, dress, work, party, date, marry, and so on. Secular-Muslims want to live according to their religious beliefs, and cultural traditions without Islamic Law being imposed on them. They want live a peaceful, honorable, dignified life with the opportunity to raise a family and give their children the opportunity to succeed in life.

Lastly, You have the non-secular Muslims, Mainly Sunni Muslims and some Shi'a (Shites). These non-secular Muslims who are the majority are Muslim extremist, Militants, Jihadist, Terrorist and you peace loving salafists and wahabis, widely known for all the massacring, beheadings, cannibalism and terrorism in Syria and mainly supported and funded by the Saudi Arabian Monarchy, House of Saud, and the Gulf Oil States (Emirates).

3. While most of these countries have Muslims who believe that Islam is a true democracy, that is not the case, and if true democracy is implemented in the Middle East all Arab/Muslim countries will have elected officials who are elected and supported by Muslim extremists.

The truth is You Can Not Have Democracy in Arab/Muslim Countries because they will elect people like Mursi of the Muslim Brotherhood, or Khaled Meshall of Hamas.

 Quoting: Centurion

Your thoughts are long and short of facts. To understand the Middle East step back and look at the big picture.
The west is fermenting civil war for 3 purposes
1. That's how they take control of a country
2. Gotta demonise the muzzies make them look like terrorists for the eventual purpose to wipe them all out to bring in the NWO this is also being done with Christians the media is demonizing Catholics also for the day when they destroy them all and bring in the NWO
3. Last but not least inflation conflict in the Middle East causes inflation oil goes up, the fed needs inflation to justify tapering off their printing.

So there you have it so simple, to bring in a N W O you need inflation and naughty muzzies and naughty Christians doing naughty things so you gotta excuse to bring in ya NWO and destroy them all.
Just as obamacare is creating fake jobs so the Middle East is creating inflation this is the recipe mr bernanke needs to stop printing and collapse his beloved derivatives.
And the other recipe is muzzies going wild and catholic priests being naughty boys and they got their recipe for destruction religion it's all about the NWO bro
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 45268131

While you do make a good point I want to clarify that I was born in Lebanon. I was in the U S Army. I was deployed in the Middle East, I was a Muslim and left Islam, I HAVE BEEN IN MANY ARAB/MUSLIM COUNTRIES and have had many discussions with Arabs/Muslim from all walks of life. I was an Islamic and Middle East expert, interpreter/interrogator and trainer for members of our Special Forces units. I was part of a Psy Operation in the Middle east and a communication specialist. I believe you miss-understood everything I wrote or did not understand a word I said.


 Quoting: Centurion

Great resume:)
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 35402302

Thanks cheers
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