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Message Subject Explanation why Egypt is in chaos and about to have a civil war!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This is the best explanation and it is not based on textbook theories or standard. It is based on life experience and interaction in the Arab/Muslim world. You have to have lived it to understand it and be able to explain it.
 Quoting: Centurion

This right here that is the line that separates to the point people don't believe. You have to live it. You have to be their. It is a rare person that can grasp the depth of capacity of a monster having never experienced it. It gives you understanding that is very hard to get elsewhere. I'm going to 5* and toss you some karma to help you keep this pinned.
 Quoting: ByFaithAlone

y_smilered_heart Thank You and BlessYou. Peace!hf
 Quoting: Centurion

I dont think so..i think its up to ones capability to understand things are complicated to be "kind" in ones judging. For me its enough to understand msm is owned and used for greater purposes than to inform people. How can a christian bibletard hate so much? How is it possible? You have it in your heart and thats it, either you are an understanding peacefull compassionated person or you are full of hate..even reading a bible! Many many people her on glp has been over there and all they do is hate..Amazing..
Sure OP´s experience is not the usual case here, still i believe you have to have it in your heart first, then comes some sort of understanding and you can look and analyze the situation from a broader perspective. I dont ask for understanding or compassion with a murderer, but i know murdererrs comes from all kinds of religions and beliefs so i dont judge a single religion or a cultural group.
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