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The Eternal mystery of Egypt -- The mystery of the great demon Shezmu, Lord of the West -- SOLVED!

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08/17/2013 01:43 AM
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The Eternal mystery of Egypt -- The mystery of the great demon Shezmu, Lord of the West -- SOLVED!
Finally, i found the solution to the greatest Egyptological mystery out there!

Those who died by the curse of Tutankhamen did not die in vain!

Those who were destroyed in the French Egyptology vs. Whig Egyptology war of the academics, did not suffer in vain!

What is the great secret?

The leader of the syllogician elites, who would historically dig into Egypt (the land of Goshen) and sow division between blacks and whites*, has been identified as Shezmu of Egypt...

* which is profitable to the syllogicians (who have difficulty using logical methods to live, so they must use such methods, like nationalism, or inventing the myth of racism...)

Aka Schesmu, and in that he becomes cognate to Schism, so that the great schism in humanity, between syllogician and logicians, manifests in the main through Schesmu aka Shezmu, conciliation of whom becomes, then, the way to the Golden Age!

Even now Egypt shakes due to the military's eclipsing of Shezmu's candidate Morsi!

About the mystery of Shezmu, please read

[link to www.djedefsauron.net]

Please download and keep the book i offer!

If you identify Egypt's importance, as the place where east and west, and blacks and whites, are hailed as brothers...

Then and only then can you understand the importance of Osiris (the hunter, represented as the constellation Orion) and he who has the potential to be anti-particle of Osiris, namely, Shezmu...

Shezmu must be satisfied if we need a return to the Golden Age - in modern Egypt, the military cannot simply ignore Shezmu and try having a peace without taking into account the phenomenon of Shezmu


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