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Message Subject Comet ISON, Egypt, Aliens, Nightmares & "Magick" ...oh my!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Great post OP!


At the end of I pet goat II, we can see comets hitting the pyramids.

With all the shit that is going on in Egypt recently...

This video keeps surprising me day after day.
 Quoting: tmorais


The man on the boat goes through Nuit if you notice as does "Ra."

Through her "he" will awaken. In turn "he" awakens others. "He" destroys religions all right. You see them one by one destroyed. Saving the "best" for last, the worst offender.

"He" turns into a light being at some point. "Jesus" did this. This is the transfiguration. Why do you think thy killed him? He was teaching about our true power. I resonate deeply with Gnostic teachings regarding who "Jesus" really was.

In the beginning in the classroom on the evolution chart they show man at the end with "energy" beaming from his head. That is where we as spiritual beings are heading. These increases in vibrations many of us are experiencing. Us being able to use the forces of them. We are "he" and also the broken "egg head" girl who has been connected through these wires, under control. We do not need these "wires" to live. To survive.

Why then are "christians" then so afraid of the light bringer? Because they are used to praying and paying away their sins. In the light their "sins" can't be hidden. What is sin anyways? Who told you you did something wrong? Oh that's right. A system of control.

Without restrictions, excessive amounts of laws there is no sin. I borrowed some of this statement from OP. ; )

The Cosmic Christ consciousness is the Anti-Christ. Anti-Christian. Sorry change does hurt.

The synchs have always been a part of my psyche. This years the increases have been major. Within seconds sometimes as Op say. Yes a couple of times people I would be diagnosed in my life as this or that but nothing ever worked. Only made me much worse. My brain is not wired like others. Their "drugs" will never work with my chemistry. Does this make me crazy? NO. ODD? Hell yes. I am odd. I am not like others. Some of us do have these "psychic" gifts. It is no longer something that can be denied in society.
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