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Message Subject Comet ISON, Egypt, Aliens, Nightmares & "Magick" ...oh my!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Now I'm going to post what my 3 year-old said following this "event." It was a bit weird since it was totally unprovoked, which is why it caught me off-guard. I don't normally pay attention to the little fantasies that children come up with. when it matches something like "Egypt" then it sort of gets my attention. I never mentioned "Egypt" to her.

One evening while I was giving the little one a bath, she was sitting there with her bath toys, and she started to get a bit of a "mad face" and her demeanor changed.

She started talking, utterly unprovoked, (I keep shit to myself, especially around my family & kids... I only post shit on the Internet, and they are completely oblivious, except to the extent that they know that I have a few Tarot decks, but no one gives a fuck about that..) and she mentioned something about, "a monster from Africa," and that it had some sort of "army of skeletons," and that it was going to destroy the world (to some extent) and that, "it had no head." She said that, "everyone was destroying the Earth..."

This obviously got my attention because it seemed too violent, I wanted to know what the fuck she was watching on TV, be it some sick fucking commercial (since there are so many, as violence is perfectly OK, but naked breasts are not..) so I asked, "it has no head?" And she replied, "Nope, just horns..."

That was an awkward bath session...

From the mouths of babes..." eh? I had no idea what to make of that shit. So I passed it off as fantasy, but I haven't found the source. It was peculiar though. Especially in the wake of other events. It didn't seem to come from Dora, Diego. or Sesame Street.

How the fuck did she know about both Africa and Egypt? She has alluded to both, and now we have "problems" in Egypt (which is obviously in Africa...)
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