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Message Subject Comet ISON, Egypt, Aliens, Nightmares & "Magick" ...oh my!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I will see your Z & raise you a Hawass.

He was ousted from his "keeper of antiquities" post in 2011 after that breakdown.

He likened himself to Osiris. Said Sets people did it to him. Probably did some hoodoo of his own. Raise a little ruckus.

EDIT: SHIT: He said this just a couple of months ago.

"“Morsi is worse than Mubarak, he doesn’t listen to the people,” Hawass told me, as his assistant brought in two cups of green tea. He is a burly man with a dominating manner and, despite his recent troubles, an air of total self-confidence. “What he did with the constitution is dictatorship. I always say give the opportunity to Muslim Brotherhood to rule. But they are not trained to rule....I think it is going to be civil war.”

[link to www.smithsonianmag.com]

[link to www.philipcoppens.com]

Now he thinks there are secrets in the pyramids.

[link to www.huffingtonpost.com]
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