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Message Subject Comet ISON, Egypt, Aliens, Nightmares & "Magick" ...oh my!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Great thread OP! I'm with you on the psychs too.
 Quoting: igCorcaigh

The line between altered states of consciousness and dreaming seemed to be breaking down a bit. That's my VERY basic take on the whole thing...

As to the dream stuff (which is pretty much what it was...dream/mind crosstalk?) no real absolute clue yet. Gotta just keep paying attention. :)

One theory I had, and this was closer related to things that happened to Carl Jung, is that it could be part of a type of premonition of "future" events in the collective unconscious.

C. G. Jung studied visions he was having (he thought he was going crazy, and was essentially a psychologist...not doing him justice here by simply saying only that) but it was all the lead up to the War, if I remember correctly. So in essence he was "getting stuff" that was going to be basically consuming everyone's minds in the coming months or something? I could be off here a bit...

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

What I likened that (friend's wife's "nightmare," that is..) to was maybe a possible "collective" type of "freak-out" that large numbers of people may have if this comet shows particularly well in the sky. Not necessarily anything bad, just kind of like tapping into some sort of "future panic."

Possibly, the "alien" shit could be related to a certain type of disclosure of the reality of a spiritual world, but you can call that shit extra dimensions or parallel universes, etc. All basically the same thing, IMHO.

In essence, if specific things were revealed publicly, then certain religions would basically have a freaking shit-fit because paradigms that the religions were couched in would be be shattered...

I was thinking also of the stuff my 3 year-old said that was unprovoked, like the Africa/Egypt stuff, rioting and violence, etc. She mentioned, a "monster" or "monsters" and that could be like a type of "childlike" conscious interpretation of things like "dream cues" (though not dreaming) of the very things going down right now over there, and in Syria, and things yet to come as that ordeal progresses. Maybe she (my daughter) was cueing in on some particularly bad shit that might go down when Nelson Mandela passes? I would not be surprised to see some nasty shit when that happens, but I hope people would get their wits together and not "go there."

Just some thoughts and theories that I had on the matter. It is intriguing.

I don't ever experience things -visually- (I mean mental phenomena) or by any sort of "voice" or "sound" (minus my own generated sub-vocalization) so it is somewhat hard to pin down. Most of my experience or "cueing" is by some type of abstract connection and a weird type of intuitive grokking that cannot be described at all with language. Synchronicity seems it play a huge part though. Even more so now that I notice it so much more, and so quickly, as if the "lag time" is greatly lessened now. Again, hard to pin down and describe or discuss. I'm trying...
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