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Message Subject Comet ISON, Egypt, Aliens, Nightmares & "Magick" ...oh my!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Ok, I'm going to tear apart your post apart because it is written like as if I farted, and it just magically became your "words." That is to say, it smells...

EVEN if SHE is a HE, he is a nothing but a mere fear monger

Was not inciting fear. Was only listing some "weird" perceptions which were (largely) of my friend's wife's dream. I couldn't explain it, but I'm tying to understand it. It interests me. Sorry to shit in your Cheerios. (I'm not.)

and just like religion, tarot cards/playing cards are/for enjoyment purposes.

I thought so too, sort of, though I was on the fence about religion at a ripe old age somewhere between 3 or 4 when I could read the "Holy Bible."

Why do you think they allow these things to be bought so freely? if there really was something more to them I am pretty sure they would be illegal and kept hidden just like the Goverment keep anything from outspace hidden from us.

They were, but you cannot hide shit forever. Besides, as I said, "they" would have to outlaw 52-card playing decks, Good luck with that one. And "they' would also have to outlaw paper and pencils. Again. Good luck with that, genius.

There is reason why magic and all that hocus pocus shit isn't illegal cause its not fucking real and you had those supposed "visions" because you are constantly on CONSPIRACY websites.

I didn't have "visions." I never do. My mind simply does not work that way, nor "voices." Try again.

So because of that you are inducing the shit in your mind. I will keep coming back to shit on this thread too so keep on responding and I will as well just to see you rage, cause honestly I think its pretty fucking funny how you people are reacting.

You are providing the humor with your outright ignorance. I'm enjoying it greatly. A blind man describing a kaleidoscope.

Here you are telling me that what I *do* is not actually doing anything in my own world. How funny that you seem to think that you live in my brain or something? How does *that* work?

In other words, don't believe me, do the shit yourself (you won't) and then find out. Your abject skepticism won't help really. You are the guy that won't look in Galileo's telescope, yet will go around pissing and moaning that it doesn't actually do anything.

If you really did know what you were talking bout you wouldn't bother reacting to my shit posting. So please keep saying that I am wrong, its only making you look more stupid.

Good point. The only good point. Why the fuck am I bothering with you?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24104690

 Quoting: AkashicRecord

Its cause you're trying so hard to prove to yourself that you aren't some crazy retard. To bad you are though, all those years of surfing GLP is taking its toll on you. Also you can't say "this is my first time here" Cause I know its not, specially since you got your butt buddies coming her defending you, cause they too share the same dementia shit you have. Also I never said that I don't believe in aliens or space, all I am saying is I don't believe in people who claim to be psychic and claim that playing cards are actually magic. Play cards were created for enjoyment, not for magic. Same with tarot cards. Everything that is considered magic is for enjoyment, its cause people get so involved with the shit that they give a meaning to it and think its real. Just like Cthulhu, created by H.P. Love, but yet there are cults that believe that it is real. Thats exactly what happened with magic. Magic was created by Alister Crowley and it started with the Necronomicon which he wrote from having hallucinations in a dessert. So before you say I don't know shit you better think again. I have done my research, apparently you haven't.
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