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Message Subject Comet ISON, Egypt, Aliens, Nightmares & "Magick" ...oh my!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Its cause you're trying so hard to prove to yourself that you aren't some crazy retard.

I'm not really trying to prove anything, but it does depend on the context and topic. I'm just talking and discussing with like-minded individuals and sharing some bizarre experiences. Which you are not. So why are you really here?

I will admit that I am refuting certain things on the basis that I have personal experience in certain matters. I too was skeptic. But I looked past that and "did the work," something that you will not. So you are really arguing a moot point because your abject skepticism will only ensure that you will not be capable of experiencing certain things. But that is Ok. We gain nothing by you either believing or not believing in certain things, but it is kind of sad to me to see this level of it in a person.

It seems like it must be really painful for you to admit that you might be wrong about certain things in which your only source of "proof" is your skepticism and to just constantly re-shit out certain bullshit that you've been fed by some source, or sources, and now hold to be truth.

Would you like to state that quantum mechanics is wrong, and start arguing that? Or that the Earth is flat? (That too was heresy and not an "allowed" thought "back in the day." It would have gotten the GLP B.S. flag back then, ...and gotten you killed.)

To bad you are though, all those years of surfing GLP is taking its toll on you. Also you can't say "this is my first time here" Cause I know its not, specially since you got your butt buddies coming her defending you, cause they too share the same dementia shit you have.

I signed up for this site on the date in my profile, though I did lurk for maybe a couple weeks before I guess. Originally I wasn't interested in this site. But I'm glad that you seem to know all these things about me. Things that I don't even know about myself (because they are not true.)

Folks, we got a classic skeptard here!

Also I never said that I don't believe in aliens or space, all I am saying is I don't believe in people who claim to be psychic and claim that playing cards are actually magic. Play cards were created for enjoyment, not for magic.

You might want to research the history of the Tarot and playing cards, because you will find the answers to that NOT from me. I did not make this shit up. I simply use it, and master it.

Same with tarot cards. Everything that is considered magic is for enjoyment, its cause people get so involved with the shit that they give a meaning to it and think its real. Just like Cthulhu, created by H.P. Love, but yet there are cults that believe that it is real. Thats exactly what happened with magic. Magic was created by Alister Crowley and it started with the Necronomicon which he wrote from having hallucinations in a dessert. So before you say I don't know shit you better think again. I have done my research, apparently you haven't.

You did your research? Well, you get a fucking fat "F" then, because I could sit here and write for DAYS on how wrong you are on all of these accounts. For starters, it would help if you could spell his name correctly. But I guess you could say it was "Edward."

You clearly know absolutely nothing about the Master Therion. Your words are proof in that pudding. Read the Book of the Law, I bet you won't understand one fucking word or concept in it. Actually, I bet it would scare the fucking daylights out of you. So DO read it, or listen to it.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24104690


[link to www.youtube.com]

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 Quoting: AkashicRecord

I have read the book, as well as read the necronomicon, as well as the satanic bible. All in which is just what was on his mind when he wrote the stuff, just stuff deep in his mind from when he saw his hallucinations. None of it is scary, specially knowing demons aren't real. The only thing I learned from those books is how made up religion is and how shrooms are a helluva drug.
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