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Message Subject Comet ISON, Egypt, Aliens, Nightmares & "Magick" ...oh my!
Poster Handle Blitz the storm-striker
Post Content
Blitz how long have you been off the meds?

Sounds like last time they tried to "fix my brain" with meds. Only the second time in my life we tried their chemicals. First was a disaster as was the second.

Their chemicals do the exact opposite of what they do on "most" people. It has been almost a decade.

The withdrawal took months from just 5 months use. Coming off them was a living hell. Way worse than the "depression" I was put on them for. When an antidepressant comes with a suicidal thoughts warning you have to wonder how it is even allowed to be prescribed.

You may still be going through the pharma withdrawal. It may take some time for the right wires to get re-connected.

Have you spent any time grounding yourself barefoot in the dirt? Sounds silly but earlier this year when I was going through some anger and anxiety because of this "awakening" it was suggested over and over. It helped. Some of the negative energy went into the earth. Even if it is a placebo thing it may help. Remember our minds our incredibly powerful tools in this. We can overcome anything including physical ailments with our minds. Our cosmic energy.
 Quoting: NolaRising

i thought about it but havn't done it much. i will put it more in practice!

i remaked thought that when im not grounded. Just standing tall, not moving until i feel some sort of pulling from my legs. Then i take a over deep breath , close my eyes and keep the air in for a while... my ears starts rigning and felling dizzy. Then when i let go the air i feel a massive rush of heat going to the head.

After a couple of over deep breathing the effect dissipate.

the first time i did this, i lost my ballance and feel on tthe ground badly hurting arm. d'oh!
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